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Under Control (1999)

Schnittvergleich HK- und Internationale Version von Venom138
eingetragen am 08.04.2002

I made a frame by frame list of all cuts on the butchered bastard US version of
Gorgeous. The worst one being the cut of Stephen Chao's cameo.

Here it is

Is divided in segments of 5 minutes, 0 - 5 meaning from 0 minutes to 5 minutes
and so on. Minutes are from HK version

00-05 - cut part where Bu , father and mother are in their bar singing
Karaoke, Bu adds water to the her father friend's beer. Bu's monologue
complains about the island has no romance. (US go straight to open market fair)

05-10 - cut conversation with mother about the oyster Longyi gave her(US go
straight to her father singing like crazy) - cut her mother explaining what
love feels like, dad eats fly

10-15 - cut Longyi singing in Karaoke, Bu pensative, Bu "asks" Dolphin what
option she should choose. (US go straight to airplane) Cut Jackie's assistant
sparring on the gym. Jackie says he got no time for that now.

15-20 - Cut gay guy (Tony Leung)(TL for now) telling Bu to go home as soon as
possible. Bu tries to convince him to let her stay. TL pushs her and she gets
hurt. She gets upset and leave and sits down on the stair outside the
apartment.(sad) TL can't stand seeing her sad and let her stay. (US go
straight to photo shooting)

20-25 - Cut Bu complains she's hungry and when they'll leave.

25-30 - no cuts

30-35 - cut part where the boatmen who saved Jackie and Bu are training. Jackie
calls to know about Silicon Valley stocks and to know if LW control his
company shares. Bu makes gestures trying to say she's hungry. Bu starts to
walk away and Jacky watches smiling at her silly walk. (US go straight where
she holds her stomach and Jackie arrives in a car)

35-40 - cut Jackie's assistant looks at the money and complains

40-45 - cut after Bu leaving suddenly, Jackie finds out she forgot her blouse.
Bu stares at the glass bottle outdoor sign, TL asks her to stop moaning. Bu
tells TL that the bottle is very special. (US go straight to TL talking about
gossip magzines)

45-50 - cut after Longyi arrives at airport tourists think he's Chow Yun Fat
just to trick him and steal his bag.

50-55 - cut after the real bad guys leave and the fake ones too, the Stephen
Chao cameo (why did they cut that?)

55-1:00 - cut Jackie on golf course talking to his protégé

1:00- 1:05 - cut part where Bu is getting ready to go out from TL apartment
she ask him if she's pretty and he gives her money to go to a boutique to get
dress up, all that right before Longyi arrives

1:05-1:10 - cut when Alan gets out the van he asks to play the tape for him.
Bu walks out to see what's happening. LW seats down on the van and give the
tape to one of the thugs.

1:10-1:15 - no cuts

1:15-1:20 - cut some parts on the training sequence scenes (too many to

1:20-1:25 - cut part when Longyi returns to the kitchen and almost finds out Bu
is inside the refrigerator (bad cut, destroyed the mood of the scene) TL
returns to kitchen and throws hot water on Bu.

1:25- 1:30 - cut after Bu runs away crying the gangster's girlfriend blame
herself saying she has a big mouth. Jackies disagrees. She tells him to go
after Bu, he says no. Bu on the plane talks to lady she met on the last
flight. (US version goes straight to scene with Jackie on the office) cut
japanese girl talking to Chan on the monitor.

1:30-1:35 - no cuts

1:35-1:40 - no cuts

1:40-1:45 - no cuts

1:45-1:50 - cut scene where Bu's father is at the bar saying she returned.
Bu's mother talks to her about college and how love changes people. Bu meets
Longyi and TL. Bu tells Longyi that she likes older men.
TL meets Bu's mother and Bu ask him to be his adopted brother. (US version
goes straight to Bu calling the dolphin)

1:50-1:55 - cut TL next to Longyi pointing to Jackie, cut TL and Longyi again
after Jackie is thrown in the table. Jackie is thrown down again by uncle.

1:55-2:00 - cut when TL puts his hand on Longyi shoulder a girl comes up and
talks to Longyi saying she is her neighbor. TL and Jackie assistant look at
each other affectionately.

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